Barefoot Yoga Studio

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Beachfront Bliss

Experience true bliss in our private, beachfront yoga studio located just a few minutes from the guest house. Find our more information on or 787.234.8124

Whether it’s your first yoga class or thousandth, you will have a unique experience unparalleled to any other. The warmth of the tropics will help to deepen stretches and detoxify the body. The cool ocean breeze will soothe your skin. You will cultivate joy and peace in your practice as your body, mind and spirit are connected to the nature that surrounds you in this studio. Listening to the sounds of the ocean and songbirds while gazing up at the beautiful canopy of almond trees will take you to a deeper level. All of our instructors teach an integrative style that is open to all levels from beginners to advanced and all materials are included: yoga mat, props and towels.